World’s Largest Tidal Power Plant To Light 175,000 Homes

Renewable energy sources are quickly becoming more common and ambitious. Scotland has gone so far as to set a goal of complete fossil fuel independence by the year 2020. With so many options to choose from to power our electricity dependent lives its no surprise that the technologies and their output are continuing to increase.

I’m sure you’re familiar with solar, hydro and even wind power but were you aware that tidal energy (the oceans currents) is also a source of renewable energy. It makes you wonder how we ever became so dependent on fossil fuels in the first place.

Scotland is currently implementing a very ambitious project of 61 tidal turbines that will produce 398 megawatts of power in its first phase. With just 5 knots of ocean current the same amount of power as a 220mph wind is produced. That is amazing efficiency.

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