Start-Up & Commissioning Services (Complete or BOP)

TDS Testing & Start-Up Services and its predecessor companies have provided start-up and testing services for hundreds of power plants, switchyards, and substations since 1968.  TDS offers the following Start-Up and Commissioning Services:

  • Complete Turnkey Start-Up (Total Responsibility for Start-Up and Commissioning)

  • Initial Project Scoping including:

    • Drawing and specification review
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Man loading and test equipment procurement
    • Document control & work package development
    • Construction turnover packages
  • Start-Up Management:

    • Staffing:
      • Start-Up Manager
      • Lead Discipline Start-Up Engineers
      • Electrical Engineers and Electrical Technicians
      • Mechanical Engineers and Mechanical Technicians
      • Instrument and Control Engineers and Technicians
      • DCS Engineers
      • Operations (Supervisor and Shift Supervisors)
    • Key Positions: (if required)
      • Turnover Coordinator
      • Lock out/ Tag Out
      • Operations Training Coordinator
    • Coordination/Implementation of:
      • All Component Testing
      • Electrical Testing Services
      • Oversight & Coordination of Construction Testing
      • All Start-Up and Commissioning
      • Operational Testing
      • System Flushing & Blow Downs
      • System & Equipment Run-ins
      • Turnover and Performance Testing
    • Operational Support:
      • Power Plant Commissioning
      • Substation Commissioning
      • Transformer Commissioning
      • Test Power Transformers
      • High Voltage Inspection
      • High Voltage Commissioning
      • Training of Plant Personal
      • Mechanical Test & Verification of all Systems & Components
      • Plant Operational Testing
    • Owner’s Start-Up Oversight:
      • Independent assignment of schedule, turnover, testing, etc.
      • Review and acceptance of turnover packages and deficiencies
    • Staff and/or Equipment Augmentation:
      • Providing start-up engineers, technicians and/or test equipment to augment the EPC or start-up contractor
    • Specialty Testing and Start-Up:
      • Switch Yard, Metering & Relaying, DCS Configuration & Start-Up

Whether you are looking for personnel to help staff your two week outage or for qualified engineers for a year long commissioning project, TDS can provide the right people to make your project successful.

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