Standard Electrical Test Suite

This is a standard electrical test suite for the start-up and testing of a petrochemical or power generating facility. Test suites for other applications can be assembled upon request. This suite is sufficient for a crew of five to seven electricians or technicians. The list for this suite is divided into two sections, the shop equipment and the equipment for each two man crew. The items in the shop list noted with a ++ should be doubled for a crew size over 8. The equipment for a 2 man crew should be duplicated for each two man crew. Specialized equipment can be ordered as needed or by using the special application test equipment supplement suites. Call TDS today at 817-465-9494 for more information.

Shop Equipment (1 each of all items)

  • Hipot 75 kv
  • Current Source MS-2
  • DLRO 10 Amp++
  • Megger 5 kv, BM-11++
  • Megger 15 kv, Line Powered
  • Earth Ground Tester, Det 2/2
  • Phase Rotation / Phase Sequence Test Set++
  • TTR, Single Phase
  • Fluke Scope Meter++
  • 15 kv Hot Stick
  • Gloves & Flash Suit
  • Safety Personal grounds
  • Amprobe DMII Recorder
  • Fox and Hound Cable Tracer++
  • Non Contact digital thermometer
  • Tachometer contact/noncontact
  • Digital Battery Hydrometer


1 Each Per 2-Man Crew

  • DVOM
  • AC/DC Clamp-on Meter
  • Megger 500/1000 VDC
  • Tic Tracer
  • Torque Wrenches

Circuit Breaker Supplement

This supplement will be required if testing of circuit breakers is included in the scope of work. Note that some information from the project will be required to spec. out equipment for testing of low voltage 480 Volt (circuit breakers.)

Medium and High Voltage (1 Each)

  • Circuit Breaker Time/Travel Analyzer
  • DC Power Supply
  • 100 Amp DLRO
  • AC Hipot

Low Voltage Circuit Breakers (1 Each)

      • Secondary Injection Test Set (Will require additional sets if more than 1 manufacturer supplied circuit breaker)
        • Must be correct manufacturer and model for installed 480 VAC switches
      • Primary Injection Test Set
        • Model depends on maximum ampacity of circuit breakers to be tested.

Protective Relay Supplement

This supplement suite will be required if the testing and calibration of protective relays is included in the scope of work.

  • Relay Test Set (3 Phase)
  • Phase Angle Meter
  • Test Plugs
  • High Current Source
  • DC Power Supply, 24/48 VDC
  • If testing of a substation through a satellite, an adapter and a second relay test set may be required.

Transformer Supplement

This supplement suite will be required if the testing and calibration of protective relays in included in the scope of work.

  • 10 kv Power factor Test Set with oil cup
  • Transformer Ohmmeter (Winding Resistance Test Set)
  • 3 Phase TTR
  • Oil Dielectric Test Set
  • RTD/Thermocouple Calibrator
  • Low Pressure Pump and Gauge
  • Hand Held IR Thermometer
  • Dew Point / Humidity Meter

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