Sell Your Test Equipment to TDS

Now that your project is winding down, you are looking forward to wrapping up and hopefully getting some time off. The fewer the headaches and time consuming tasks you have at this point, the better. One task you have probably not been looking forward to is gathering and accounting for test and measurement equipment that has been used on your site.

Some issues you may be dealing with:

  1. Lost units
  2. Missing accessory: leads, operator’s manual, software, carrying cases, etc.
  3. Checkout, Cleaning and Repair of damages: Even if the equipment “looks good,” a thorough checkout is needed before sending it to the next site.
  4. Calibration: Most units require periodic calibration and at the end of your project will be nearing expiration dates.
  5. Accounting and paperwork on top of the technical and logistical issues

Then you will need someone to clean, test, inventory accessories, source and order missing parts and authorized repair and calibration services. Then they will be responsible for packing and shipping units to multiple locations and keeping track of them during the weeks they are out. Assuming you have qualified technicians (and are allowed to keep them on the payroll to handle these non-billable tasks), you may be moving off the site and will need to figure out where to have the units shipped and stored. Even after all this is complete, because of changing scope and size of your next project you will still need to be sourcing equipment for your next job.


Technical Diagnostic Services (TDS) can help with its Surplus Equipment acquisition program. First, we will provide a competitive quote to have your surplus equipment taken care of in one shipment to our Fort Worth, Texas facility. We can assist is arranging the logistics if needed. Credit for any of TDS’s services can be arranged or immediate payment processed.

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