Top 3 Benefits of Using TDS Turbine Services for LMS100 Gas Turbines

LMS100 Gas Turbine

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TDS Just Keeps Getting Better…

Technical Diagnostic Services (TDS) proudly announces its offering for Turbine Services. The existing high level of quality provided by TDS for Test Equipment Rental, Testing & Start-up, and Power Gen O&M has just been extended to its new offering of TDS Turbine Services. Among our offered products and services is the start-up, commissioning and servicing of the GE LMS100 gas turbine. A solid proof of our high level of service is our involvement with the new power station of El Paso Electric where TDS has been signed to perform installation and commissioning of four LMS100 packages.

Why the LMS100 Is the Right Solution

The LMS100 is a simple cycle gas turbine produced by General Electric. It is a combination of two technologies – heavy-duty frame gas turbine and aero-derivative gas turbine.  This comprises a low pressure compressor, an intercooler, an aero-derivative supercore and a power turbine.  The system utilizes intercooling technology delivering outputs above 100MW at 46% thermal efficiency.  It is considered to be a high efficiency gas turbine, 10% higher than simple cycle gas turbines available at the time of its production.

LMS100 is the right solution because it is able to satisfy the requirements that customers consider to be important for their power generation facilities:

  • Delivers 100MW of power
  • High full-power and part-power performance
  • Quick-start capability reaching full power within 10 minutes
  • Outstanding reliability and availability due to its aero-derivative design
  • Improved efficiency in cycling
  • Load-following capability
  • Excellent hot day performance with low hot-day lapse rate
  • Reduced emissions
  • Low maintenance cost, no penalties for cycling

Top 3 Reasons Why TDS Offers the Best Turbine Services

Partnering with the excellent performance of the LMS100 gas turbine is an equally excellent turbine services package offered only by TDS.

  1. We have a highly qualified engineering team. Part of our team are former OEM senior level field service engineers who perform the installation and commissioning of new LMS100 turbine packages.  The level of talent of our staff is identical to that of OEM’s.
  2. We have a simplified one-fee pricing. Our billing is structured to eliminate double-time, premium pay and shift differentials that OEMs normally charge.  Cost estimates are highly accurate based on man-hours.
  3. We provide service with the OEM warranty intact. As we perform turbine installation and commissioning, we ensure that there are no risks to the OEM warranty.


TDS is committed to provide qualified staff and exceptional service at affordable rates. Our package will save our clients a considerable sum of 40% with a service comparable to that of OEMs and with the OEM warranty intact – definitely providing our clients the maximum value with the highest level of quality.

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About TDS:

Technical Diagnostic Services (TDS) is an integrated family of companies with almost fifty years of successful experience in the power and energy industry. Our customers include some of the world’s premiere energy-related businesses – and our success and longevity reflects our focus on safety, quality and performance.


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