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About SMC 

SMC was founded in 1986 with the objective to design, manufacture, and market a range of Electronic Equipment for Electrical Testing, mainly in Protection Relay Field and in general, test equipment related to the commissioning and maintenance in Substations and power plants.

The basic concepts of SMC products is that they are very flexible and user friendly. SMC provides a range of equipment to suit the application required by users all around the world. The main concepts and reasons why SMC products are superior to competing products:

  • User friendly controls, familiar to the electrical engineer.
  • Using the latest sophisticated technology to achieve a simple and intuitive operational use.
  • Use of equipment, with manual and computer control
  • Equipment which are Compact and Robust
  • Equipment which can be interconnected which each other and can be connected to other brands of test equipment.
  • Providing a range of equipment, which is flexible in terms of various products/options for each application.
  • Providing a range of equipment with the accuracy and power to test all types and brands of relays found in use around the world.
  • Providing customer service, not only for the use of the equipment, but the application required.