The Mistakes You Make When Servicing Your Turbines

Turbine Services Engineer

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Turbine engines, they cost a small fortune to startup and maintain and yet so many organizations fail to get the greatest amount of value from them. Whether it’s the fear of not using the manufacturer despite exorbitant maintenance and repair fees or the attempt to keep the financial statement in the black by hiring a less than ideal outfit when “servicing your turbines” quality service at affordable rates has only been a dream, until now.

TDS Turbine Services holds true to the TDS mission of providing qualified staff and exceptional service at amazingly affordable rates. Our engineering team provides you with an expert support staff for the installation, start-up and maintenance of your turbine unit(s). Our certified personnel are expertly trained and experienced to ensure reliable delivery of our wide range of turbine related services. This provides you with optimal performance from your turbines, hence, higher output, greater efficiency and lower emissions leading to a boost in your bottom line and peace of mind.

Our staff is comprised of highly qualified former OEM engineers who partner with you to ensure successful outcomes for your business. Our engineers have years of experience and have undergone OEM training programs that are specifically designed to impart the training required to be ranked among the best in the world. These engineers have played a vital role in the manufacturing and service of the turbines that lead the industry such as the LMS100, LM2500 and LM6000. This is the kind of value you can expect from TDS, we hire the best for the sole purpose of providing the maximum benefit possible to our clients.

Among the services provided by our highly skilled engineers are:

  • Installation during construction and assembly of the gas turbine generator package
  • Oversight and support for OEM Installation and Commissioning
  • Technical advisor duties for gas turbine generator and equipment
  • Assessment, maintenance and repair of gas turbine units
  • Detailed reports and tracking of warranty issues

For more information on the services that we provide, visit TDS Turbine Services.

Our teams are geared up to be deployed rapidly to ensure that you have fast and reliable servicing of your equipment. We understand that you value the availability, reliability and efficiency of your equipment and we value the same. It is our highest priority to bring your system back to its optimal performance within the shortest possible timeframe. The experience we gain with each service delivery is integrated into our wide range of best practices to continuously improve our processes and serve you better.

At TDS we understand that your business deserves the best service available while keeping costs affordable, hence, our simplified one-fee pricing. Our billing process is structured to eliminate double-time, premium pay after eight hours and shift differentials. We provide maximum value with one hourly rate for all hours worked. This new offering integrates fully into our existing services such as Turnkey Start-Up and Commissioning, Test Equipment, Staffing, Training and more.

As a customer, you understand the critical aspects that you require from your turbine equipment (output, reliability, etc), and we recognize that beyond these aspects you are also looking for guarantees that your equipment will perform as you expect it to for a long period of time. Unfortunately, despite preparing and hoping for the best outcome, things can go wrong. That’s why using our service makes the most sense, because it comes with the same quality maintained by top turbine manufacturers, more affordably, while keeping the OEM warranty intact. OEM service, affordable pricing and manufacturer warranties, it just doesn’t get better than that.

At TDS we’re proud to say that we’ve been leading the pack for almost 50 years. We have built a national reputation for the services we provide for Rentals and Leasing, Testing and Start-up Services, Staffing Services and Power Generation O&M. A reputation that is based on the thousands of successful projects completed for our utility, industrial and government related customers. A reputation that was built by our dedication to offer certified equipment, maintain our qualified staff, and provide nothing but exceptional service to you, our highly valued customers.

Don’t make the mistake others make and regret paying too much to OEM’s or dealing with the consequences of paying too little to private outfits. Go with the solution that provides the best of both worlds – The TDS Solution.


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