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Megger PSI-700


 Available Now:  Megger PSI-700 Phase Sequence Indicator

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PSI-700 Equipment Specifications

The Multi-Volt PSI-700 is a rugged, lightweight instrument used to determine the phase sequence or phase rotation of a three-phase system. It will also detect and identify an open phase.

Model PSI-700 is simple to use. The operator connects three leads to the system and a lamp will instantly indicate either ABC clockwise rotation or CBA counter-clockwise rotation. Three lamps will light to indicate that all phase voltages are present. Is a phase is open, only one lamp will light and identify the open phase.


  • Phase sequence indicator to determine the phase sequence or rotation in a three-phase system and detect an open phase
  • Three lamps indicate the presence of A, B, and C voltages or an open phase
  • Phase rotation indicated by lighting ABC or CBA lamp