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Megger PA-2505


 Available Now: Megger PA-2505 Phantom Loader

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Megger PA-2505 Equipment Specifications

The rugged PA-2505K Phantom Load operates from a single-phase source and is designed for field-testing single-phase and polyphase watthour meters at 50 and 100% power factor.

This unit utilizes a heavy-duty selector switch in conjunction with a variable autotransformer to provide continuous adjustment of the load current — a valuable feature that permits close control of the output for different load circuit impedances or in the event of variations in the source voltage.

  • full-scale range simultaneously selected by current-range selector switch
  • Eliminate need to change leads
  • Selectable 50% or 100% power factor
  • Test single or polyphase watthour meters
  • New compact, heavy-duty metal carrying case