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Megger DET4TC2


 Available Now: Megger DET4TC2 4 Point Ground Tester

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Megger DET4TC2 Equipment Specifications

The DET4TC2 is a Dry-cell battery powered 4-terminal tester with selectable test frequencies, greater measurement sensitivity, attached rod technique, and stakeless measurement capability.

The DET4TC2 includes a current measuring function for ART (Attached Rod Technique) testing capabilities. With this added function, on-site grounds can be tested separately without having to remove the utility connection . They also provide stakeless testing capability. This method allows the operator to use the instrument like a clamp-on ground tester in applications where that method is viable, while also being able to operate as a fall of potential tester if required.


  • 2, 3 and 4 point testing
  • Stakeless (clamp-on) testing capability
  • ART (Attached Rod Technique) capability
  • Multiple, user selectable test frequencies
  • Resistance measurement range to 200,000
  • IP54 rated
  • Warning indicators prevent test failure
  • Simple one button operation