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Megger DET 5-4


 Available Now: Megger DET 5/4, 4 Point, Battery Powered, Earth Tester

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Megger DET 5/4 Equipment Specifications

The Megger DET5/4D and DET5/4R are fully automatic, four terminal instruments built into a rugged, water resistant case giving protection for outdoor use. The instrument is suitable for the testing of earth electrodes and measuring earth resistivity.

There are four ranges covering measurements from 10 mΩ to 20 kΩ. The earth resistance reading is displayed quickly, accurately and directly on a large, clear 31⁄2 digit liquid crystal display. The display indicates when there is a high test spike resistance and also when the noise interference is too high to take a valid reading. If the batteries need replacing or recharging this will also be shown on the display.

The DET5/4D and DET5/4R digital earth testers are reliable instruments able to measure the earth resistance of both simple and complex electrode systems. They may be used to test in accordance with BS7430 (1991), BS6651 (1992) BS7671 (the 16th Edition of the IEE wiring regulations), NFC15-100, IEC364 and VDE 0413 part 7 (1982). The instruments are suitable for soil resistivity measurements which are used to establish the optimum earth electrode system design and location, to avoid expensive reworking of electrical installations. They are also suitable for performing archeological and geological investigations.


  • Simple to use, one touch operation
  • Auto switch off to save battery power
  • Rugged, weatherproof case
  • Large, clear LCD
  • Noise rejection to 40 V
  • Indicators show if reading may be invalid
  • Terminal shorting bars supplied
  • Earth testing kits available
  • Optional carrying case and harness