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Megger DET 2-2


 Available Now: Megger DET 2/2 Digital, Battery Powered, Earth Tester

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Megger DET 2/2 Equipment Specifications

The MEGGER DET2/2 is a self contained compact portable instrument designed to measure earth electrode resistance and perform four terminal continuity tests. It may also make earth resistance tests which lead to the measurement of soil resistivity. Powered by internal rechargeable battery with an integral charger unit, the instrument design takes full advantage of microprocessor technology and features a large, clear liquid crystal display to provide digital readings. Terminals on the instrument provide an alternative power source connection to an external 12V battery, e.g. motor vehicle battery.


  • Accurately measures ground resistance under the most demanding conditions
  • High resolution — 0.001 ohms with autoranging
  • Simple menu-driven operation