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Megger CB-8130


 Available Now: Megger CB-8130 High Current Test Set, 0-30,000 A

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Megger CB-8130 Equipment Specifications

The CB-8130 is used all over the world to test low-voltage circuit breakers.  The CB-8130 has variable firing angles and pulse durations.  It is a modular, portable design that contains digital signal processing technology. 

The output of the test set is easily adjustable from zero to the maximum of current avialable through the impedance of the evice under test.  Two output ranges are provided to accommodate a variety of load circuit impedances.  The maximum current available from the test set is determined primarily by the impedance of the load circuit.  The duration of the available current is determined primarily by thermal conditions within the test set. 

To provide maximum utilization of the output available from the test set, each set is equipped with a Multi-Amp stab adapter board and stab sets CBS-1 and CBS-2 for use with drawout style, metal-clad breakers. The stabs eliminate the significant losses that occur if leads are used to connect the breaker under test to the test set. Cables must be used when testing molded-case breakers or other devices which will not connect directly to the stabs. 


  • MemAmp Digital Ammeter: Specifically designed and manufactured to accurately measure the short-duration currents utilized when testing and determining instantaneous trip points, this is a high accuracy, solid-state instrument with a digital display.
  • Digital Timer: specially designed Multi-Amp aolid-state, digital timer is incorporated to measure the elapsed time of the test in either seconds or cycles.  Features extensive shielding and noise-suppression circuitry to ansure accurate and reliable operation under the most demanding field conditions. 
  • Timer Control Circuitry: no electromechanical relay or relay contacts are used anywhere in the timer-initiating circuit.  A completely solid-state circuit automatically starts the timer when the output current starts to flow and automatically stops it when the device under test operates.
  • Digital voltmeter: solid-state instrument can be used to measure the input voltage to the test set or the output voltage from the test set.
  • Panel indicators: lamps, incorporated for operator safety and convenience