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Megger 359986

 Available Now: Megger 359986 Photo Tachometer

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Megger 359986 Equipment Specifications

These non-contact, continuous-reading instruments measure display speeds of rotating objects in hundredths from 10.00 to 99.99, then in tenths from 100.0 to 999.9 and finally in whole numbers from 1000 to 19,999 rpm.  Has advanced microprocessor-controlled circuitry and a specialized infrared-type sensing system packaged in a compact, lightweight, shockproof plastic body.  Insensitive to fluorescent light and electromagnetic fields. 

Autoranging, low-demand seven segment LCD for battery conservation is used anywhere from dimly lit working areas to bright sunlight.  A rugged contact adapter with 0.275-in (7-mm) shaft slips conveniently over the photo beam housing to permit contact measurement of linear speeds. 

Features & Benefits

  • memory recall, low-battery indication and over/under indications are built-in operating features
  • Most vital feature is a system self-test. Fully functioning electronics by very briefly pressing the operating button and observing a full display of with all indicators
  • Automatic switch-off saves the batteries
  • Instruments read directly in rpm, feet/minute and meters/minute, requiring no calculations.