GE Brings The World’s Largest Turbine To Texas

7HA GE largest gas turbine

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Earlier this year, General Electric announced that it will be releasing the 7HA and 9HA air-cooled gas turbines. These H-class gas turbines incorporate an aero-dynamic 14-stage compressor and includes an advanced radial diffuser which, combined with the Dry Low NOX 2.6+ Axial Fuel Staged combustion system, allows improved operation of the combustion liner and transition piece coding. GE’s air-cooled 7HA Gas Turbine is the world’s largest and most efficient gas turbine for 60Hz applications.

The first 9HA gas turbine, released for the 50 hertz market, was manufactured in Belfort, France.  Its cousin, the 7HA gas turbine, is engineered for countries like the United States where electric current oscillates at 60 hertz. The 7HA is validated in the GE test facility in Greenville, SC.  The 7HA.01 is rated 275MW and the 7HA.02 is rated 330MW with each offering more than 61 percent efficiency.

The 7HA offers best-in-class operating flexibility, such as turndown as low as 30% of gas turbine baseload output.  The modular constructability of the 7HA results in up to 10,000 labor-hours less to install, at 25% faster than previous 7F gas turbines. It provides for cleaner, reliable and cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity for 60 Hz regions.

This September, Exelon, one of the largest competitive US power generators, turned to GE  to purchase four 7HA gas turbines, together with steam turbines and generators.  These will add a total of 2000 MW of additional capacity for the projects.  The combined-cycle gas turbine plants will be built at the existing Exelon sites in Wolf Hollow, near Dallas, and Colorado Bend, near Houston.  The equipments are expected to ship in 2016, and the plants are due to be operational in 2017.







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