Keystone Pipeline May Be Down, But Definitely Not Out

Transcanada Keystone XL pipes


A recent vote in the U.S. Senate shot down the Keystone XL pipeline, a huge disappointment for Canada’s TransCanada corporation and all those interested in seeing the pipeline and the jobs it would create succeed.

The failure of this bill to pass also affected the outcome of the runoff election for Louisiana’s senate seat where Bill Cassidy (Rep.) won over three-term Democrat Mary Landrieu.

Although Keystone XL failed in the U.S. Senate, but it’s not dead yet. There are still a number of outcomes that could develop for the pipeline.

According to incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the pipeline may be brought to vote again sometime in 2015 although the possibility remains for President Obama to Veto against the pipeline.

So far, the pipeline has cost upwards of 8 Billion dollars in large part due to the numerous delays it has experienced.

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