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About High Voltage

Designs and manufactures high voltage test equipment for testing utility substation apparatus, aerial lifts, MV & HV power cable, and cable fault locating products.  While High Voltage is the leader in producing portable field test equipment, we also offer a line of higher power AC and DC high voltage test sets for the industrial market.  We are a worldwide company with representatives in over 50 countries and half our sales foreign.

Started with a lofty goal, by Stanley G. Peschel in 1997, to design and produce the best high voltage test equipment in the world.  Starting with decades of design and manufacturing knowledge and experience, ample money for funding research and years of development time, Stan and his team of engineers and manufacturing people succeeded in producing the next generation of high voltage test equipment.  Nearly all of the products produced by them are superior to any similar products found elsewhere; the reason why they are the leading supplier of high voltage utility field test equipment worldwide, with more than half of their business occurring outside the US.  They now produce approximately 1000 instruments a year for the worldwide utility and industrial industry.

One of their greatest design accomplishments was the Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology.  Their new model now brings field AC cable testing to 138kV cable and a voltage source for Tan Delta and partial Discharge testing cables rated up to 230kV.

Their product line includes: