Fluke DTX-1800

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Hi and Welcome to another TDS High Voltage Short.

I’m Andrea and today we’re going to be discussing The Fluke DTX 1800 Cable Analyzer.
The Fluke DTX 1800 cable analyzer is the testing platform of choice for engineers and technicians across the globe. This revolutionary tool delivers superior performance that can reduce your total certification costs by as much as 33% per year.

This dramatic reduction is the result faster testing, improved accuracy, superior diagnostics, longer battery life, a simple user interface, and fast setup and reporting.

The DTX-1800 cable analyzer performs Level IV accuracy tests of copper and fiber optic networks at speeds up to 10 gigabits and bandwidths up to 900MHz that comply with industry standards including TIA, ISO/IEC, EN, ANSI, and IEEE.

Some of the features of the DTX-1800 are:

  • Cat 6 certification in 9 seconds
  • Tester accuracy exceeding Levels IIIe and IV
  • Advanced Diagnostics – troubleshoot faults twice as fast
  • Fastest set up and results management times
  • Provides both Basic (Tier 1) and Extended (Tier 2) fiber certification
  • UL Accuracy Classification

DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer

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