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doble F2700


 Available Now:  Doble F2700 Single Phase, Convertible Relay Test Set

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Doble F2700 Equipment Specifications

This unit is the same as the F2500, but has better accuracy and 3 new lower current ranges. Source operating modes and ranges are selected by a front panel control. Sources can be selected as one voltage/one current, two independent voltage sources, as two independent currents, as one (series) voltage source (600V RMS maximum), or as one current source (44Amps RMS maximum – parallel).


  • Sources in voltage or LOW Current Mode:
    • Source VA Rating Range
    • Voltage 75VA 75 – 150 – 300Volts
    • Current 75VA 0.25 – 0.5 – 1.0 Amps
  • Sources in HIGH Current Mode:
    • Source VA Rating Range
    • Source 1:Current 72VA 3.25 – 9 – 18 Amps
    • Source 2:Current 105VA 2.25 – 13 – 26 Amps
    • THD 0.3%
    • Wide Band Noise Level -90 dB