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Doble F2253


 Available Now:  Doble F2253 Single Phase Relay Test Set

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Doble F2253 Equipment Specifications

With voltage outputs going as high as 300V AC/ 400 V DC at continuous 150 VA, Doble F2253 is among the best single phase relay testers in the market.

It is a well-known testing device that does preventive maintenance. The test voltage can be adjusted from 300V AC/ 400V DC, and the maximum output is 90A AC or 60A DC. It has internal and external start/stop features along with a multi-mode timer control. It has many flexible options and it lets you change the phase angle and frequency of the test voltage for a given custom test configuration.

The front panel of the device is simple to understand, and thus can be handled by anyone. The Doble F2253 is a device that is used by most companies to check their electrical devices as it can be easily operated by new electrical engineers.

Doble F2253 Features: 

  • Two sets of galvanically isolated Logic Outputs
    • 10 watts max switching power
  • Two sets of galvanically isolated Logic/Signal Inputs
    • Contact Sense Mode – for dry contacts
    • Voltage Sense Mode – for AC/DC Voltages
  • Multi-Mode Digital Timer
  • Line Power Supply
    • Continuously increments/decrements voltage, current, and phase angle at different ramp rates
    • insuring smooth, linear changes in value carried to next significant digit, by changing the least significant digit