Companies Team Up For Affordable Solar

solar panel array

There are times when companies will get together and do great things. First Solar and Clean Energy Collective have come together for one of those times. The two companies have formed a strategic partnership to develop and provide solar services for residential customers. Their goal is to provide convenient and affordable alternatives for customers in the solar panel market.

By doing this First Solar will increase their share in the solar market with both residential and business customers and Clean Energy Collective can increase the expansion of their community solar generation efforts.

“Distributed generation in the form of community solar expands the addressable market dramatically beyond the traditional residential or commercial sectors, and CEC has led the way in making that happen,” said Jim Hughes, First Solar’s CEO.

Community solar uses large ground-mounted installations that supply clean energy to a power utility’s grid. This allows consumers to buy into a community installation and benefit directly from the solar power generated at that installation. This gives consumers the ability to take advantage of solar energy including residents of multi-tenant buildings, home renters, home owners with rooftops that cannot accommodate solar panels. Community solar is a significant advance for supplying solar power especially in urban residential communities.

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