The 7 Benefits of TDS Commissioning

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Commissioning is the process by which equipment, a facility or plant is tested to verify it functions according to its design objectives and/or specifications. It is a critical stage prior to operation of new infrastructure. To maximize the benefits of commissioning services there are two components that are significant to its success: the process used for testing the facility and the personnel executing the process.

The benefits of contracting TDS for commissioning services include:

  • Having trained technicians conduct visual, mechanical and electrical inspection to verify that the infrastructure complies with the design intent and that all components are functioning properly.
  • The opportunity to uncover any risks and fine tune the infrastructure.
  • Inspection for any damage that may have occurred during shipment of the equipment or its parts.
  • A review of the system’s performance and tolerance level, and provide documented information to the facility owner on critical loads.
  • The occasion to train operators on equipment functions and procedures, including maintenance processes.
  • Commissioning documentation that will be used as a blueprint for bench-marking future testing.
  • Safer facilities and reduced owner liability by uncovering safety problems throughout the project phase.

Testing and commissioning

TDS Testing & Start-Up Services, LLC, a part of the family of companies of Technical Diagnostic Services (TDS), provides component and system functional test and commissioning services. TDS offers various testing and maintenance services whether inside the plant or in a high voltage switchyard or substation. TDS provides staff and services needed for the startup & commissioning of plant, switchyards and substations.

What sets TDS apart is that we adjust to the customer’s business need: whether we’re needed to assume full responsibility for a project or to provide the personnel to complete the project. TDS can assume responsibility and supervision for the labor, equipment, and procedures for a scoped project. TDS can also provide the field engineers and technicians, as well as measurement and test equipment (M&TE), to augment staff needs and work under the owner’s supervision.

Commissioning services should be employed to ensure that new infrastructure meet their intended functionalities. Regardless of size or complexity, a company providing commissioning services should be able to provide highly trained personnel as well as equipment and perform the appropriate procedures to accomplish this critical task. Technical Diagnostic Services has been doing exactly for some of the biggest names in the energy industry for more than twenty years.

Whether you have a current or future project, TDS can help ensure its success.
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