Coal Makes A Comeback Despite Natural Gas

Coal usage over natural gas

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The battle between coal and gas continues.

At one point, natural gas seemed to have won the war over which is the better fuel source for power plant generators.  Coal, dirty old coal, is definitely on the losing end as far as the Environmental Protection Agency is concerned with coal’s high carbon emissions.  While natural gas being cheap, abundant, and cleaner than coal, its only natural that gas be chosen for power plant generation.

Then coal came back to settle the score.  With the cold winter affecting the price of natural gas, rising to its highest in four years, coal is now more price-competitive.  And with some coal-fired power plant facilities still unable to invest in newer, cleaner gas plants, coal is indeed expected to still be the fuel of choice.  Because at the end of the day, power plants will choose the cheaper alternative.

FORBES – This wasn’t supposed to happen. Cheap natural gas was supposed to be the answer to our dependence on dirty old coal. But now, it seems, coal is making a comeback. The bitter winter, the coldest in 30 years, has pushed natural gas prices to some of their highest levels in four years, and that has made coal attractive to utilities again.  Read more from forbes.com.

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