Beamex MC6 Field Calibrator and Communicator

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Beamex MC6 Field Calibrator and Communicator

 Hi and Welcome to another TDS High Voltage Short.

I’m Daryl Cain and today we’re going to be discussing the Beamex MC6 Field Calibrator & Communicator.

The Beamex MC6 is an advanced, high-accuracy field calibrator and communicator. The MC6 offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature and various electrical signals. The MC6 also contains a full fieldbus communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA instruments.

The usability and ease-of-use are among the main features of the MC6. It has a large 5.7” color touch-screen with a multilingual user interface. The MC6 comes with a robust IP65-rated dust- and water-proof casing, ergonomic design and light weight make it an ideal measurement device for field use in various industries, such as the pharmaceutical, energy, oil and gas, as well as the petrochemical and chemical industries.

The MC6 is one device with five different operational modes. That means you can carry less equipment in the field. The operation modes are: Meter, Calibrator, Documenting Calibrator, Data Logger and Fieldbus Communicator.

With its large 5.7” VGA color touch screen, QWERTY text entry, Multilingual interface and an IP65 casing, that’s Drop and vibration tested; The Beamex MC6 is Field Calibrator and Communicator that gives you reliable cutting edge technology for any environment.

beamex mc6 calibrator

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