Asset Management & Evaluation

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TDS Asset Management & Evaluations – A Lifetime of Experience

For more than 20 years Technical Diagnostic Services has been a leader in the power generation industry. Our expertise has provided a proven advantage for our clients from start-up to completion for hundreds of projects. Which is why companies like General Electric, Shell and Bechtel to name a few, rely on us when they need a solution.

TDS Asset Management & Evaluations is a division of Technical Diagnostic Services created to meet the specialized needs of our clients. With the help of our highly experienced consultants our clients have instant access to subject matter experts who can help to resolve any issues that may arise.

Having a team of experts on hand who can quickly resolve power generation issues provides short and long term savings in both revenue and resources. Below you can see the high caliber of professionals we have on our team who are ready to assist you today.

For more information on how we can assist with your power generation needs call us at (817) 465-9494