What are your hours of operation?

For sales and customer service, 7:00AM – 6:00PM Central Time, although we have 24-hour emergency coverage by calling
(1-800) 225-7271. For shipping and receiving, 8:00AM – 5:00PM. For same day shipping, orders need to be placed before 3:00PM.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. In fact, unless you have established an account with TDS, we require the use of a credit card.

How do we establish an account with TDS?

If you do not want to use a credit card for your rentals, there is an application process that may take a few days to complete. If you want to be invoiced, please contact one of our Account Representatives to get that process started. At a minimum we will need an IRS form W9, your banking information (including a contact) and one or more trade references. A D&B rating, if you have one, may also be useful. A signed copy of the Credit Application is required and the form is available below.

When does the rental actually start and end?

Much like a rental-car agency, the rental starts the day the equipment leaves our facility and it ends when the equipment is received at our facility.  Rental periods are in 7 day (week) or 28 day (month) increments, not by calendar month.

What happens if I find out I don’t need the equipment for the whole term and want to return it early?

On your first (initial) rental term (week or month), there is no pro-rata reduction for returning the equipment early. However, on the second (automatically renewed) term, while you’ll be billed the full-term amount, you will receive a pro-rata credit if you return the equipment early.

What happens if I keep the equipment longer than the initial rental term?

You’ll automatically be re-billed for another week or month (depending on the original rental term). It’s important to realize that once you’ve been automatically re-billed for that second term, you can return the equipment any time and receive a pro-rata credit for the unused term.

Do you rent equipment outside the United States?

Under many circumstances in some countries, we can. Call one of our Account Representatives to determine whether or not we can accommodate your requirement.

Phone: (817) 465-9494
Toll Free: (1-800) 225-7271
Email: sales@technicaldiagnostic.com

What if the equipment is damaged when we receive it?

It is important to notify us promptly and provide as much detail about the damage as possible in order for us to make a claim for shipping damage. If possible, photographs of the shipping container and the unit(s) as well are helpful. We will make arrangements for a replacement as quickly as possible and you will not be billed for the original rental.

Can we specify the shipper/freight company?

Certainly – and if you have an arrangement with a specific carrier, you may even save money that way.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, we have very flexible Volume Discount Programs. Contact an Account Representative for more information.

Phone: (817) 465-9494
Toll Free: (1-800) 225-7271
Email: sales@technicaldiagnostic.com

Can we buy the equipment we have on rent?

In some cases, yes. The age of the equipment will have a lot to do with the decision to sell it to you as well as how the price is determined. There are other issues to address, including calibration and warranty – it may be more advantageous to buy a different piece of equipment than the one you presently have.

Can we buy used equipment from TDS?

Of course! We routinely sell used equipment from our inventory and will also source equipment for you that we may not have at any given time.

Can we buy new equipment from TDS?

Absolutely! We not only are distributors for some product lines, we buy substantial amounts of measurement and test equipment every year to keep our rental fleet updated. In many cases, we can leverage our buying power to offer you a discount on new equipment.

What kind of warranty do you offer for equipment sales?

Standard terms include a five-day “Right-of-Refusal” period and typically a thirty-day warranty. In all cases, the actual terms will be specified at the time of order and depend on any number of factors.

If we have a unit on rent with TDS, what do we do to get it calibrated?

If we haven’t already notified you of the expiration, simply contact us and another calibrated unit will be shipped to you to replace the existing one at no charge except for shipping.

Is the equipment we receive when we rent already calibrated?

Yes – although there are some items that simply don’t require calibration. If you request it, a calibration certificate will be included with the unit when it ships. (If you require calibration with data, there is a service charge for that.) How old the calibration is on the unit you receive depends on a number of factors, including the manufacturer’s requirements, the date of the most recent calibration and how long your expected rental term is.

Can you calibrate our equipment – units that we aren’t renting from you?

Certainly! Our calibration and repair department works on a broad-array of equipment, some of which other rental firms are not equipped to handle. You can get a quote on your calibration requirements by clicking here. We also offer a No-Downtime-Calibration service where you can save significantly on short-term rentals of replacement equipment while your units are being calibrated. Simply contact one of our Account Representatives for details.