TDS at its finest – Honduras

TDS is truly committed to great customer service!!!

TDS started working with a new customer, Phasor Engineering, who needed a quote for equipment to service a couple of substations overseas. TDS was able to get them the quote for the equipment as well as freight options for getting this equipment to the substations in Honduras. We got everything to them on time except one small accessory that was not standard. TDS took immediate action to save this customer tens of thousands of dollars. We flew one of our reps directly to the site in Honduras with needed accessory in hand. The client was beyond happy to not only save the outage but also save the time and money. They are now keeping the equipment longer to service 2 other stations there – additional work secured by the customer!

Actual savings and no delay: $30K!

Below is an email from the customer from the day after receipt of the needed accessory –


Good Morning,

Everything is doing well!

You can publish this project with no problem.

Best Regards

RJ (Phasor Engineering)

Article: http://www.latribuna.hn/2017/08/09/enee-transformadores-moviles-reduciran-los-apagones/
Phasor Engineering

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